Thursday, February 07, 2013

Down Yonder #2: The Metal Years

Hey, look who finally finished her second zine!

Thank you to superfriend Josh Hooten for illustrating the cover for me.

The Down Yonder series is a way for me to dig into my personal food nostalgia to try and understand where my current eating habits come from. In Volume 1: Marlene, I stumbled down memory lane in honor of my mom, and the food we shared together when I was a kid. While there is no doubt the food I was introduced to as a young kid helped shape my tastes, I think there is also something to be said about my teenage years. I was just starting to really make my own food choices around age 15 or so. With a little bit of money in my pocket from various summer jobs, coupled with having some friends with driving privileges, it was a recipe for junk food and bad food choices. I have fond memories of some pretty crap food from that time. The food you find in DY2 may not all be traditional southern food, but they are certainly based on some regional restaurant favorites. Down Yonder Volume 2: The Metal Years is dedicated to all my Georgia metalhead friends, our late night Waffle House binges and post show Krystal eating competitions.
Horns up. \m/ \m/

The recipes:
Tripp Sunrise Muffins
Savory Grits with Garlic Mushrooms
Chicken Fried Tofu Casserole
Lentil & Kale Enchiladas
Krystal Mini Pizzas
Chocolate Testa-mint Cookies
Don't Be a Dick, Be a Dude Black Forest Pie 
Cocoa Puff Bars with Whiskey Glaze
Purple Fuzzy Fizzy Punch

black forest pie  
Don't Be a Dick, Be a Dude Black Forest Pie

  chicken fried tofu casserole
Chicken Fried Tofu Casserole

Scattered, Smothered, Diced and Greened Homefries

   Krystal mini pizzas  
Krystal Mini Pizzas

 If you have any interest in owning one of these things, I am offering copies for $3.00 each plus shipping. For shipping within the U.S., add $1 shipping for one copy via First Class Mail. If you want a copy of Down Yonder #1 and Down Yonder #2, that'll be $6 plus $2 shipping. For shipping outside of the U.S. and for shipping of multiple copies, please send me an email so I can give you a shipping total. Payment through PayPal, please! My PayPal email address for payments and correspondence is leighsaluzzi (at) yahoo dot com.

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Jes said...

Hooray! Definitely getting a copy--mini pizzas ftw!